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#S O U L V I B E

#SOULVIBE is a term I use to describe what I bring to your event.  It's not just the kind of music I play but its' the overall vibe I try to create.  After spending nearly 2 decades being a dj, I have the experience to know how to make a night come to life.  I bring a mixed bag of professionalism, great music variety, a clean set-up, the latest equipment and the skill of reading a room and giving the people what they want. I've been fortunate enough to do a lot of different events: from small arena types to one room house parties; A swinging 20's party to a all  Motown playlist; Trap music all night college parties to a Neo-soul brunch.. Well you get the picture! I bring a unique set of skills that can elevate any event.  Feel free to browse my website.  If you're convinced already then call or email me right now and let's get started on the soundtrack for your event!

click below to hear one of my newest live mixes
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