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Are Djs really necessary in 2019???

hmmmm. Ofcourse Im biased to this question but let's really think about this one. I mean when I started djing for fun back in the 90s you needed a million records(at about $2.99 each), 2 turntables(used still about $300 each), a mixer(used $I don't even know the prices because I used my good friend Jay's mixer for free) and huge speakers(again no clue on price because I "borrowed" my dad's hifi system speakers that sounded like a amped up clock radio) to rock even a small house party. Fast forward to the year 2002 when I picked the art up again and gone was the need for a million records(shout out to Napster) but there was still only really djs, radio people and industry folks who had access to all the great quality sounding music you needed in order to do a 2-5 hour party(cds were the 'thing' then and for enough cds to rock a party, equipment to play them on and speakers to rock out with added to the laptop and a few party lights you're looking at about $3000 easy) Ok so 2019 is here and guess what, I have cousins in elementary school that have access to more music than I had as a professional DJ back in the early 2000's!!! There are speakers on the market that sound amazing for a small house party or event for less than $250. All you need is a aux cord and a dope playlist and BAM BOOM you got a party! Or do you??? Regardless of technology, there will never be a substitution for the skill to read a room of people and to adjust the music accordingly. Can a playlist sense the fact that the crowd is getting restless or that the event started out as a meet and greet and now after a few shots of the brown liquor now people wanna dance? Can pandora pick the perfect moment to play a classic 90's record to make people lose their mind? Women lie men lie numbers don't and there is scientific facts and actual research to back up the fact that after 2 minutes of a song the energy on the dance floor dies down. Can Spotify cut off a song within 2 minutes and bring in another Banga to keep that energy up??? Nope!!!! You're gonna get the entire 3 and a half minute song in its entirety. You're gonna here everybody's verse on BIG BANK and the boring part of Aviici's LEVELS. Now don't get me wrong I'm not talking about an event where a dj is not really feasible and you go with a playlist(I offer that service personally) I'm talking about a event where you know a dj would take it over the top but you decide to cut corners on music to save a few bucks or show your "dj skills'(don't quit your day job)! So long story short: YES A DJ IS STILL NEEDED IN 2019 AND 2029 AND 3019 or until IROBOT becomes a reality and robots come to life but that's a topic for a different blog post on a different day!!!

I would love to read your comments below..

Dj Soul in the 90s

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